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Novartis: Divestments, mergers, and acquisitions create a diverse healthcare company

December 2012 · MarketLine In 1996 Ciba-Geigy merged with Sandoz to form Novartis. In 1997, 2000, 2006, and 2007 it divested its specialty chemicals, agribusiness, nutrition, and medical nutrition and baby foods businesses, respectively. Novartis has also made acquisi € 369,00

Western Union: Globalization benefits a money transfer market leader

December 2012 · MarketLine Western Union was established as a telegraph company in the mid-19th century, and began money transfer operations in 1871. Its telegram and business communication services ceased in 2006, but by this time the money transfer business had long ... € 369,00

Electronic Cigarettes: This emerging market could be the savior of the tobacco industry

December 2012 · MarketLine The electronic cigarette (e-cig) market has been slowly developing and is starting to gain some traction in some regional markets, with the UK expected to top 1 million users in 2012, while by comparison the UK’s population is estimated to ... € 369,00

The Walt Disney Company: The entertainment empire strikes back

December 2012 · MarketLine Disney’s growth strategy has focused on expansion to provide an all-encompassing entertainment company. This reduces risks and also allows exploitation of brands across multiple channels to maximize gains. € 369,00

Natura Cosmeticos: Latin American cosmetics giant

December 2012 · MarketLine Natura Cosmeticos develops, produces, and sells cosmetics, fragrances, and hygiene products. Its direct sales model is based on a network of more than 1.4 million consultants. Natura is the leader in the CF&T market in Brazil, with a market ... € 369,00

Tencent Holdings Limited: Tencent’s rise to dominance in the Chinese Internet industry

December 2012 · MarketLine Since its launch in 1998, Tencent has grown from an unprofitable, privately owned enterprise into one of China’s leading companies. The company’s continued development has transformed it from a startup to a company with annual revenues of ... € 369,00

Lenovo Group: Innovation and expansion in the digital age

November 2012 · MarketLine In 1984, the Chinese Academy of Sciences provided funds of CNY200,000 (around $25,000) to found the New Technology Developer Inc., which, following a series of name changes and several acquisitions, would go on to become Lenovo Group Limited ... € 369,00

Whole Foods Market: The biggest retailer of organic and natural foods in the world

November 2012 · MarketLine Whole Foods Market has a strong emphasis on perishable foods, designed to appeal to natural and organic food shoppers. It aspires to become an international brand synonymous with natural and organic foods, and the highest quality food retail ... € 369,00

Chesapeake Energy Corporation: Drastic measures amid a shale gas boom

November 2012 · MarketLine One of the largest producers of natural gas in the US, Chesapeake owns almost 46,000 wells. Horizontal drilling and fracking have allowed the US to access 38 years’ worth of shale gas. With a debt of $14.3bn, Chesapeake announced an asset ... € 369,00

Nintendo Co., Ltd: Innovating in a reactive market

November 2012 · MarketLine Prior to the launch of the Wii, Nintendo faced many challenges in the home console market. However, the Wii disrupted the market in 2006, achieving success by employing revolutionary control methods, bolstering revenues, and expanding the ... € 369,00

Oasis: How to succeed in the omni-channel world

November 2012 · MarketLine Oasis, with 487 stores in 25 countries, operates as a retail brand of Aurora Fashion. In 2011, Oasis introduced a L7m, 18-month investment program to revamp its brand image and gain market share through the integration of all its retail chan € 369,00

BP and Rosneft: The sale of TNK-BP

November 2012 · MarketLine BP has been actively involved in the Russian energy market via its joint venture TNK-BP since 2003. The company sold its 50% stake to Rosneft in exchange for $17.1bn and 12.84% equity in the buyer. Additionally, BP plans to use the cash to ... € 369,00

Unilever: Proving that sustainability and profitability can coexist

November 2012 · MarketLine Unilever is one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies. Recently it has added an additional focus to its operations, promoting sustainability within its business model. It has implemented major changes in terms of its research and ... € 369,00

Starbucks: Business revival in recession

October 2012 · MarketLine Starbucks Corporation, established in 1971, was named the “Number One World’s Most Innovative Food Company” by Fast Company in 2012. This was attributed to the company’s revival of its business during recession. This case study will examine ... € 369,00

ASOS: An e-retail success story

October 2012 · MarketLine ASOS sells women’s wear, men's wear, footwear, lifestyle accessories, and jewelry and beauty products through its retail website. The company offers more than 50,000 branded and private label products. € 369,00

Sainsbury's and Tesco: Retaining market share during the credit crunch

October 2012 · MarketLine Sainsbury's initial campaigns promoted brands, own label products, and buying basic ingredients. As the credit crunch continued, Sainsbury's launched Live Well for Less. Tesco emphasized price in 2008 with the Discount Brands scheme, and ... € 369,00

Lufthansa: The SCORE program – change for success?

October 2012 · MarketLine Lufthansa’s premium position in the European aviation industry is under threat. As well as fuel prices, environmental regulation threaten to disadvantage European carriers compared to international rivals. A surge in popularity for budget ... € 369,00