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Welcome to the Publisher Partnership Program. We can help you reach global markets, grow your customer base, generate new opportunities and develop brand recognition. is the first place, international companies come to find the information they need to conduct business in global markets. Our publishers benefit from our reputation as a quality source of professional information.

As professionals in market intelligence, we can offer our publishers pre-established channels and guidance to promote its products quickly and successfully on a global scale. works with its publishers to define sales and marketing objectives, create necessary sales literature, and communicate market demand to help define the scope of the publisher’s products. We further build a client base and reputation for our publishers that can later be used to market other products and services globally.

Overall, offers to all of its publishers a fast, effective entry into global markets without direct investment in capital and human resources. Our publishers will gain immediate acceptance and credibility by becoming part of a portfolio of publishers that are considered to provide the highest quality business information.

Take advantage of everything has to offer: represents the Publisher’s publications to its clients globally. To help gain international acceptance of our Publisher’s publications, uses a turnkey marketing approach. offers unique and well-developed marketing channels to its publishers:

1. Direct sales through’s well established website.

2. Advertising online and in newsletters through the website.

3. Direct sales through a well-trained professional sales staff.

4. Direct mailings.

5. Direct fax marketing activities.

6. Direct email marketing activities include Newsletters and New Publication Alerts.

7. Facilitated by one of the largest targeted databases in Europe, The Americas and Asia.

8. Representation at trade shows and conferences.

9. Advertising in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish and German language publications.

Publisher’s FAQ:

1. What is is one of the international business community's premier provider of business information. Our clients regard us as the first stop in meeting their information needs.’s portfolio consists of subscription publications, on-line information services, CD-ROM databases and research reports. We take great pride in offering only quality publications.’s intelligence covers the entire spectrum of issues facing business decision makers in and outside of our core markets. Our clients represent industry analysts, researchers and consultants, business and engineering professionals and service providers, foreign subsidiaries, joint ventures and representatives, multinational head offices worldwide, industry chambers and trade associations, government departments and embassies, business libraries, universities and research centers. Our marketing efforts span the globe. Our global reach is facilitated by an extensive database that targets organizations and individuals, known to have an interest in business, economic and political environments. Established in 1995, we now have a worldwide network of more than 50 partners.

2. What does do? is the international business and academic community's choice for providing information about political, economic and business environments. We market digital and printed publications, research reports and industry analysis, information services, ready-made as well as customized directories and databases.

3. How does operate?

Our intelligence is based on contributions from a global network of more than 50 information providers. Their products are rigorously checked for accuracy, consistency and impartiality. It is marketed in a standardized format, providing an honest appraisal of each products quality, and an accurate assessment of its content. Because of our unrivaled focus on delivering quality information directly to your desktop or office, we are able to offer the latest and best sources of intelligence for a reasonable price.

4. What kinds of organizations use

Foreign subsidiaries, joint ventures and representatives, multinational head offices worldwide, industry chambers and trade associations, government departments and embassies, business libraries, universities and research centers, exporters and importers, direct and portfolio investors, financial institutions, business schools and any group that needs to know about political, economic and business developments. Many of the Fortune 5000 companies are among our clients.

5. Who uses

Our services are aimed at senior executives, their support staff and managers responsible for international operations. While we serve them directly we also inform their advisers: corporate librarians, bankers, industry analysts, researchers, consultants, academics, engineering professionals, lawyers and accountants.