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Brazil’s booming beauty industry: a growing success

August 2013 · MarketLine Growth in Brazil’s beauty industry has caused widespread interest from international beauty and personal care companies. This case study analyses Brazil’s growing beauty industry, opportunities for foreign players wanting to enter the market. € 369,00

Solar energy - Insight into the market

July 2013 · MarketLine The solar energy market should be looked at from many perspectives, as its characteristics are not limited to the environmental benefits, but also economic. Despite the global slowdown in the PV market, some countries like the UK or Germany. € 369,00

Krispy Kreme: too much, too fast; rapid-expansion and variable profit quality

July 2013 · MarketLine Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. (Krispy Kreme) is a retailer and wholesaler of doughnuts, complementary beverages and treats and packaged sweets. The company owns and operates company owned doughnut stores and franchise stores. € 369,00

The UK High Street: The decline of a British institution

July 2013 · MarketLine Some of the country’s most cherished retail brands have filed for administration in recent years, and in some cases, have disappeared from the high street altogether. The rise of e-commerce, ‘showrooming’, and reduced consumer spending. € 369,00

SodaStream International Ltd.: Shaking up the US soda market

July 2013 · MarketLine SodaStream International Ltd. (SodaStream) offers home carbonation systems that can turn tap water into carbonated drinks, challenging traditional soft drink distribution. € 369,00

SCM Group: Ukraine’s leading financial and industrial group

July 2013 · MarketLine SCM Group is Ukraine’s leading financial and industrial group with consolidated revenues of $23.5bn in FY2012. The group operates has interests in a wide range of industries including: banking, media, metals & mining, power generation, etc. € 369,00

BAE Systems plc and EADS: Why the merger failed and what happened next

July 2013 · MarketLine In September 2012, a merger was being discussed between BAE System and The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS). The new company would have had combined revenues of over $100bn in 2012. € 369,00

Warby Parker - Disruptive innovation in the high priced eyewear industry

May 2013 · MarketLine Warby Parker, thanks to its cost-efficient and customer-oriented strategy, managed to turn a small $100,000 investment into a viable business opportunity. The company proves that it is possible to build long term profitability by ... € 369,00

Oji Holdings Corporation: Natural diversification into renewable energy

May 2013 · MarketLine Oji Holdings Corporation (Oji Holdings, Oji or ‘the group’), formerly known as Oji Paper Co., Ltd., primarily manufactures and supplies newsprint, specialty papers and other paper products in Japan. € 369,00

EE: 4G in the UK

April 2013 · MarketLine At the end of October 2012, EE became the first network to offer 4G services in the UK, the world's fourth largest mobile broadband industry. Since then, the company has expanded its coverage to over 50 cities nationwide. € 369,00

Credit Rating Agencies: oligopoly in a systemic market

April 2013 · MarketLine S&P Ratings, Moody’s, and Fitch are the largest credit rating companies in the world. Their aggregate market share makes the industry an oligopoly. This industry is critical to the wider economy, but the agencies have suffered little from ... € 369,00

Inditex: Global fashion powerhouse

April 2013 · MarketLine Inditex was founded in 1963 by Amancio Ortega Gaona. The group opened its first Zara shop in 1975 in A Coruna, Spain. Inditex was established as the head of the corporate group in 1985. The group witnessed expansion outside of Spain ... € 369,00

Manchester United: Monetizing a successful football club

April 2013 · MarketLine Manchester United is one of the world’s most renowned sports clubs. The team’s on-field success has helped the club build an estimated global fan base of 659 million and the club’s management has successfully translated this into ... € 369,00

Pfizer Inc: Re-entry to the OTC healthcare market

April 2013 · MarketLine Pfizer, Inc. was originally founded as fine chemicals business. Following a series of product developments and M&A deals the company is now present in 180 countries around the world, and its portfolio includes human and animal biologic ... € 369,00

The Lego Group: Iconic bricks find the better model

February 2013 · MarketLine LEGO is a privately held company, engaged in providing toys and teaching materials for children in over 130 countries. The company also offers preschool products and games. It operates in Europe, the US, Australia and Asia. The company is ... € 369,00

PayPal; Online payments tycoon

February 2013 · MarketLine PayPal has created a comprehensive system of one of the safest ways to make payments online. The company offers a hugely popular system of money transfers via the Internet with the value of transactions worth over $35.2bn in 2012 that places ... € 369,00

MySpace: Irrelevant, or rising Phoenix?

February 2013 · MarketLine Launched across the US in January 2004, MySpace gained 5 million users 11 months later. Seeing MySpace’s potential, News Corp. purchased the social network site’s parent company for $580m in July 2005. Exponential growth occurred, however by ... € 369,00

Embraer SA: Battle in the regional jet market

February 2013 · MarketLine Embraer S.A (Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica), which was a public owned company for more than 24 years, had accumulated a debit worth $1bn at the beginning of the 1990s. € 369,00

Glencore & Xtsrata: Creating the fourth largest global mining company

January 2013 · MarketLine Glencore International, a commodity trading giant, is seeking to merge with mining company Xstrata. The move was announced in February 2012 with the proposal accepted by shareholders in November 2012. The deal is worth $31bn and would create € 369,00

San Miguel: A diversified conglomerate

January 2013 · MarketLine San Miguel started out as South East Asia’s first brewery in 1890. The company diversified into food and packaging and began operating internationally. In 2007, San Miguel announced they would diversify into high-growth, high-yield industrie € 369,00

Facebook: The future of its ad-supported business model

January 2013 · MarketLine Facebook currently operates on an ad-supported business model. The main challenge to this has been proving a successful conversion rate from online adverts to meaningful sales for marketing investors. € 369,00

Zynga, Inc.: A change of strategy for troubled former social network gaming star

January 2013 · MarketLine Free-to-play games have appeared as the internet has become common in homes. Social network websites have fuelled their growth. In July 2007, Zynga was launched, purchasing Draw Something game developer OMGPOP in March 2012, six months later € 369,00, inc: The world's most innovative company?

January 2013 · MarketLine Salesforce develops and sells customer relationship management systems to businesses of all sizes. Its applications help record, track, manage, analyze and share information regarding sales, customer service and support, and marketing ... € 369,00

AB Volvo: The safest car in the world

January 2013 · MarketLine Despite strong developing competition, Volvo continues to lead in the car safety technologies. Continued work on the improvement of quality and reliability, and above all the safety of users makes the Volvo company more and more noticeable.. € 369,00

Johnson & Johnson: Product recalls in the OTC pharmaceuticals business

January 2013 · MarketLine Johnson & Johnson began as a manufacturer of surgical dressings in 1886. The company has embarked on a process of diversification with the business now operating as 3 divisions: Pharmaceutical, Consumer, and Medical Devices and Diagnostics. € 369,00

Michael Kors Holdings: How to design a winning growth strategy

January 2013 · MarketLine Michael Kors operates in the luxury end of the fashion and retail sector. It engages in the design, marketing, distribution, and retail of branded goods. The company started as an American luxury sportswear house in 1981, and in about 30 years ... € 369,00

Pernod Ricard: Premiumization and decentralization fuelling growth in mixed macroeconomic environment

January 2013 · MarketLine Over the last 10 years of rapid acquisitions, Pernod Ricard has built a strong portfolio of premium brands on a global scale. Most of its brands enjoy a leading position in international markets. The company has adopted a decentralized ... € 369,00

J.C. Penney: A Transformation

January 2013 · MarketLine Ron Johnson joined J.C.Penney and transformed the company with seven key areas of focus: personality, price, promotion, product, presentation, place, and people. Johnson aims to save $900m by 2013. J.C.Penney has experienced consecutive ... € 369,00

Royal Dutch Shell plc - Past and future development strategies

January 2013 · MarketLine Shell is organized on three levels: Upstream, Downstream, and Projects & Technology. Entering the new century, Shell has expanded its operations to China and Russia. In 2005, the previous corporate structure was changed and a new independent ... € 369,00

Costa Coffee: UK’s largest branded coffee shop chain

January 2013 · MarketLine The UK coffee shop market continues to expand rapidly. Costa Coffee is by far the largest branded chain in the market, and an important revenue stream for parent company Whitbread. This Case Study uses Porter’s Five Forces and Ansoff ... € 369,00

Premier Foods: Power Brands Strategy

January 2013 · MarketLine A number of costly acquisitions led to huge debts for Premier Foods, which coupled with declining sales led to the company being in financial difficulty. In early 2012 a strategy was introduced focusing on the company’s Power Brands. € 369,00

Google Inc.: The Nexus program

January 2013 · MarketLine Incorporated in 1998, Google Inc. (Google) has become the world’s largest Internet search engine, and now offers various other affiliated services. Google has recently started to offer Nexus branded products to supplement its main operations ... € 369,00

Royal Dutch Shell plc: Present and future major projects

January 2013 · MarketLine Shell sees its future in applying company’s financial and technological potential to discover new energy sources and securing its market position. The size of the company allows it to develop oil and gas resources in very deep water, in very ... € 369,00

Westfield: Becoming a global commercial real estate entity

January 2013 · MarketLine Westfield operates one of the world's largest shopping center portfolios with 104 regional shopping centers situated in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, the US and the UK. Westfield manages all aspects of shopping center development, from des ... € 369,00

Bombardier Inc: The competitive CSeries

January 2013 · MarketLine Fuel efficiency has always been on the agenda of research and development departments of aircraft and engine manufacturers. However, research and development in fuel efficiency and lighter airframes has intensified in recent years, pressured € 369,00

Müller Dairy (UK) Ltd.: Leader in the UK yogurt market

January 2013 · MarketLine Müller was established in Bavaria, Germany in 1896 by Ludwig Müller. The company was initially small, operating as a village dairy. The company began to expand throughout the 1970s. In 1988, Müller entered the UK market with Müller Corner. € 369,00

Jaguar Land Rover: Providing remarkable growth throughout the economic downturn

January 2013 · MarketLine Jaguar Land Rover has proved itself to be a strong and stable business in spite of the economic downturn, with good sales results in both developing and developed markets. Despite some difficult years and some changes in ownership the ... € 369,00

Cadbury: Losing brand value after acquisition by Kraft?

January 2013 · MarketLine Kraft’s CEO, Irene Rosenfeld announced that the company wanted to broaden its position within the confectionery industry as a global leader. In 2010 Kraft’s offer of $19.5bn (L11.5bn) was accepted, causing uproar in Britain. This case study € 369,00

Randstad: The threats and opportunities facing the world’s second largest employment services provider

January 2013 · MarketLine Randstad is a human resource service provider, offering temporary and permanent placement services. The company provides a range of other services including: consultants provided on site, seconded specialists and specialized HR services. Ran € 369,00

Head & Shoulders: Establishing a mass consumer brand

January 2013 · MarketLine One of the most recognizable names in the hair care industry, Head & Shoulders has celebrated over 50 years of success. It is a renowned international brand established by Procter and Gamble (P&G). P&G are the global leaders in the hair ... € 369,00

Sony: Losing the battle in the television division

January 2013 · MarketLine Sony was once renowned as one of the world’s most successful companies. Traditionally known as a great innovator Sony has transformed entire categories of electronics with products such as the Walkman, the first transistorized television and ... € 369,00

Vale SA: Experiments in diversification

January 2013 · MarketLine Vale has grown from a state-owned enterprise to become one of the largest mining companies. The company holds premier position in iron ore production and a secondary position in the nickel market. Vale reinvented their business to focus excl € 369,00

Omnicom: How M&A created a world-leading communications company

January 2013 · MarketLine Omnicom is a holding company with numerous ad agency and related subsidiaries. This structure allows it to offer custom marketing services to clients by creating networks of relevant companies. This Case Study examines the effectiveness of ... € 369,00

Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Focus on ultra-rare diseases as a revenue and profit driver

January 2013 · MarketLine Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Alexion) is engaged in biologic therapeutic products aimed at treating patients with ultra-rare disease states. In 2007, it gained marketing approval from the FDA for Soliris, which has since become the world’s ... € 369,00

Amazon’s Kindle: Dominating the e-book market while selling at cost price

January 2013 · MarketLine E-book sales show exceptional growth while physical book sales suffer. First Kindle was released in November 2007 with first tablet released November 2011, currently over 1.5mn titles are available at € 369,00

G4S Remaining strong despite Olympic size embarrassment

January 2013 · MarketLine At the London 2012 Olympic Games the company was originally awarded the huge security contract, but couldn't fulfill its promise of 10,000 security personnel and subsequently the UK’s military was drafted in as a replacement. € 369,00

HBO: Driving revenues and profits for Time Warner

January 2013 · MarketLine Time Warner Inc. operates television networks, offers film and television entertainment and is engaged in the publishing business. The company creates, packages and delivers content across the world through multiple distribution outlets. € 369,00

Gazprom: Fighting the fracking revolution

January 2013 · MarketLine Gazprom is facing the possibility of losing its dominant position in the European market. Hydraulic fracturing has the potential to facilitate countries developing a domestic source of natural gas from what was previously thought to be ... € 369,00

The Co-operative Bank: How alternative banks are profiting from the loss of trust in the big four

January 2013 · MarketLine The Co-operative Bank and other ethical non-shareholder banking organizations have been gaining strength in the UK. The trusted reputation of the large banks such as Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, and RBS has been damaged significantly by the negat € 369,00

Crowdfunding: Revolutionizing the investment landscape

January 2013 · MarketLine In April 2012, President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act into legislation, (potentially) allowing small startup companies to gain investment from private individuals through crowdfunding. This case study explores € 369,00