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Facebook: The future of its ad-supported business model

January 2013 · MarketLine Facebook currently operates on an ad-supported business model. The main challenge to this has been proving a successful conversion rate from online adverts to meaningful sales for marketing investors. € 369,00

AB Volvo: The safest car in the world

January 2013 · MarketLine Despite strong developing competition, Volvo continues to lead in the car safety technologies. Continued work on the improvement of quality and reliability, and above all the safety of users makes the Volvo company more and more noticeable.. € 369,00

Omnicom: How M&A created a world-leading communications company

January 2013 · MarketLine Omnicom is a holding company with numerous ad agency and related subsidiaries. This structure allows it to offer custom marketing services to clients by creating networks of relevant companies. This Case Study examines the effectiveness of ... € 369,00