Finding Publications

How do I browse the FriedlNet product offering?

All the products on FriedlNet are assigned to categories in order to make it easier to find products relevant to your area of interest. Our home page contains a category listing from which you can view and choose from the top-level categories to which products have been allocated.

How do I search for a product?

There is a search bar located near the top of all pages on our website. Enter the product name or topic (for example: Pharmaceuticals in China) you wish to search for. You can run the search by clicking the "Search" button.

A search may return many results. To enable you to narrow down search results to the products that are of most relevance to you FriedlNet offers a product filter feature on the rigth hand side where you can narrow down results by product type, relevance, price, publication date and title. Simply click the radio or checkbox buttons that most apply to your requirements and our site will automatically refresh your search results.

Search Tips:

To run a quick search, enter the keywords for which you wish to search. By default, quick search will return documents which have all of the words you have queried (an automatic "AND" search).

Higher relevance will also be given to those documents where your search terms appear a greater number of times but for best results choose keywords wisely.

computer china find publications that contain at least one of the two words.

"computer hardware in china" find publications that contain the exact phrase "computer hardware in china".

chin* find publications that contain words such as "china", "chinese" or "chinatown".

+computer +china find publications that contain both words.

+computer -china find publications that contain the word "computer" but not "china".

+computer china find publications that contain "computer", but rank publications higher if they also contain "china".