General Questions

Is it possible to obtain press/free copies of the products from FriedlNet?

We're afraid that we are unable to offer complimentary copies of any product for sale on our site.

Does FriedlNet offer Academic discounts?

We're afraid that we are unable to offer academic discounts on products, or provide complimentary copies of same. However, we can suggest that you approach one of the companies in the relevant industry sector and they may purchase the product for you as part of a sponsorship package.

Does FriedlNet offer discounts?

Discounts may be granted on a case by case basis, depending on the specific products you wish to order. Please contact our Customer Service Team with full details regarding the products you wish to order by contacting us via our "Contact Us" page.

Is it possible to buy products by the section?

We're afraid that we sell products in their entirety only. We found that information in products could be taken out of context if we sold select sections from products.

What price is the product in my currency?

As we are based in Austria, all transactions are carried out in EURO. Any non-EUR price displayed on our site is guideline only. However, if you wish to view the price of your product in an alternative currency (US$, GBP, RMB, HK$) you can change the currency at the top ouf our page.

Is tax added to the product price?

Orders originating outside of Austria are not subject to tax.
Orders originating in Austria are subject to VAT (Value Added Tax) of 20%.
Our VAT number is ATU64162729.