Cosmetics & Personal Care

The cosmetic and personal care industry is composed of manufacturers of various cosmetic and personal care products. Cosmetic and personal care retailers may distribute products intended to enhance one’s visage and/or be used for personal hygiene. These cosmetic and personal care items may be comprised of skin or sun lotions, as well as different forms of make-up, hair products, perfumes, oral care products, and shaving preparations.
Cosmetic and personal care companies are responsible for the preparation, blending, compounding, and packaging of assorted beauty products and toiletry items.

Companies in this industry have started to utilize media entertainment to promote their products quickly and effectively. Using the influence of popular television shows, movies, and other forms of entertainments to market their product is becoming an increasingly prevalent strategy in exposing their cosmetics to potential consumers. It expedites the process of providing consumers with product information.

Globally, the cosmetic industry continues to develop and the Internet also allows this industry to have further reach. Many cosmetic and personal care companies will sell their products online, which makes the process of choosing and purchasing easy. In addition, automated kiosks have begun to be showcased as new avenues for cosmetic and personal care supply and consumption. Similar to a vending machine, these kiosks provide another way for companies to generate profit.

Population growth and the wants and needs of the consumer are responsible for demand in this industry. Profitability of cosmetic and personal care companies is based upon an array of different factors: smooth operations, effective marketing strategies and the resulting product sales, innovations in production, specialization of products, and whether or not a company has advantages in manufacturing, buying, merchandising, and distribution.
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